Coronavirus policy

Updated: Sunday 19th July with further updates weekly.

We have finally received guidelines from England Hockey regarding the use of hockey pitches during this difficult time.

We will follow these guidelines until further notice.

– Times 9 am to 8pm in 1 hour slots (No lights at present time)
– You MUST book a pitch before turning up (see below). This is for members only of Men’s, Ladies or Junior Hockey Clubs.

  • 6 people including the Coach may be on the pitch at any time .
  • If you have hired a coach, please ensure you pay them directly.

– Please maintain 2M social distancing at all time (unless you are from the same household)
– Use your own equipment and avoid touching other’s equipment

– All GK sessions will be on the Sand Pitch

– The Clubhouse Toilets will be open.

You will NOT have access to the main clubhouse.

Please ensure you leave the facilities safe for others when you leave.

– A First Aid box will be sited outside the clubhouse.

Booking Procedure:

All pitches will be divided into two and you may only book half a pitch.

By email: or
By text: Sally – 07702 317044 or Jaynie – 07921 518499

You will receive a confirmation – until that point you will not be booked.

e.g. Fred Smith – 3 – CJHC of CLHC or CHC.

Usage will be carefully monitored and if our facility is abused or folks do not think that booking requirements apply to them then we will close the facility.

Stay Safe and enjoy the gradual return to hockey.