Ladies 5th XI vs Old Williamsonians 2 (Away) | 09 Apr 22

Lost 1-3

Scorers: Vicki Wilkie

MoM: Sophie Godwin

Their final Match of the season, attempt #3!! Canterbury 5s play Old Williamsonians 2 away.
With a dominating start from Canterbury and some great runs from Sophie, Kate and Annabelle in the middle leads to Canterbury having multiple short corners which allowed a goal scored from Vicki. With a brief lack of concentration then meant a goal scorn by the opposition shortly after. Not long after the first injury was received with Lynn getting the ball just above the eye ending her game early. At half time there was a score of 2-1 to Old Wills. At the start of the second half Canterbury were still determined and kept the pressure with a strong defence of Jaime, Johanna, Julia and Chloe with Georgia in goal keeping the ball out however they were unlucky with a final score of 3-1 Match report: Jess McCully

Squad: Annabelle Styles, Johanna Stern, Sophie Godwin, Jaime Cooper, Phoebe Lee, Vicki Wilkie, Kate Hooker, Georgia Binfield, Julia Owen, Chloe Davison, Lynn Lauder, Gill Prince, Suzie McCully, Lottie Pierton, Georgina Davis