Ladies 1st XI vs Harleston Magpies (Away) | 02 Apr 22

Drew 4-4

Scorers: Jenks and Chloe

MoM: Jenks

DoD: Mazza

For our last game of the season we had a lovely, long and scenic drive to Harleston Magpies. (Somewhere Essex/Ipswich way- I don’t really know still.) Harleston were fighting to secure their place in the league and came out swinging. They were very clinical in their finishing and at half time we were down 0-3. After eating lots of sweets, we went out for the second half and played some really nice hockey! We won a short corner and did a cheeky slip to our indoor top goal scorer Barnsey. She flung the ball at the bottom corner and it was going in but Chloe got a touch on it just to make sure 😉 GOAL. 1-3. We enjoyed scoring and decided to do it some more. Mazza had a shot and smashed the ball, aiming for Chloe (as that worked before) who skilfully protected her knee caps and deflected it in! GOAL. 2-3. The Harleston fans went a bit quiet at this point. With some lovely attacking down the right hand side, the ball was crossed in and Jenks slapped it passed the keeper. GOAL. 3-3. End of the third quarter. We went back out there and continued to play well, putting Harleston under lots of pressure. Unfortunately they had some very speedy and skilful forwards who scored to make it 3-4. With some nice attacking down the left, the ball made its way to Jenks. She again put it past the keeper (I think she did a cheeky little reverse thing, which was nice!) GOAL. 4-4. We were playing really well and still pressing for more goals, but alas, time ran out. MOM went to our superstar JENKS and DOD to me, Mazza. It was an exciting game to end on! Shout out to Becca for making awesome saves and keeping us in it. Pinney for being a babe and never stopping running. Barnsey for basically scoring and not letting them score! Maddy for her worldie ariels and skills. Melly for coming up to attack for fun and scaring their midfield. Lizzie for always having 4 people on her and still skilling everyone up! Abbie for burning people on the right and her work rate. Lauren, in her box, keeping it safe in the middle. Mazza for providing some entertainment. Alice for scaring their defenders with her shots and deflections. Flora for making them run and causing choas in their D. Dom for being so strong and beating multiple players. Lily for fighting for the ball. Chloe for her amazing deflecting skills and leads out wide. Jenks for being the favourite and having one of her best games! Nicki for sticking in it with us and hearing her support from the sidelines.

Squad: Becca, Pinney, Barnsey, Mel, Maddy, Mazza, Lauren, Lizzie, Abbie, Chloe, Jenks, Dom, Lily, Flora, Alice