Ladies 5th XI vs K Sport Ladies 1’s (Home) | 26 Mar 22

Drew 2 – 2

Scorers: Suzie McCully & Sophie Medland

MoM: Chloe Davison

A bright sunny day set the scene for a high paced match against Cobdown 1’s. Canterbury started strong with a cracking goal by Suzie not long into the first half. We kept up the pressure keeping back several short corners as the game continued. Into the second half and 1-0 up, another goal scored by Sophie carried on the momentum in Canterburys favour. Unfortunately after several short corners Cobdown managed to get 2 goals in, evening the score to 2-2 as the game ended. A well fought match with a disappointing draw, Canterbury 5’s will carry on with heads held high. Onto the next one! Match report: Phoebe Lee

Squad: Georgia Binfield, Jaime Cooper, Phoebe Lee, Gill Prince, Suzie McCully, Jess Link, Chloe Davison, Indigo Spensley, Lou Coppin, Kate Hooker, Kate Berry, Ellie Gorden, Sophie Medland, Lynn Lauder