Men’s 2nd XI vs Guildford (Away) | 26 Mar 22

Lost 4-0

MoM: Eddie Rowney

DoD: Hugo Corteen-Coleman and Charlie Lloyd Hughes

The team travelled to Guildford to play the unbeaten league leaders. It was a warm sunny afternoon and spirits were high even though we only had a bear 11, seven players under 20 and the rest over 30 with a reluctant coach prepared to substitute. From the push back our defence was immediately under pressure with the home team scoring a well taken goal. The pressure continued, but Eddie who loves pressure again showed yet another MOM performance as his shot stopping from open play and PC’s was fantastic only allowing one more goal to pass him from the home team with a well prepared PC. Right before the end of the first half we had a few attacking opportunities. Then came half time where we had very positive feedback from Lummers, we returned to the pitch knowing we’re still well in this. Second half hit as hard with them applying pressure but the team didn’t let their heads drop as we earnt ourselves a few PC’s. Half way through the second half the coach readied himself for another appearance only for DOD Hugo to tell him after he had got ready and stretched that he would be fine to play on. Lloydy did his best to steal DOD from him as he hit Dunny in the face with a face mask which lead to blood, before later winding up a massive hit from a rebound of a PC that flies over the goal. Late in the game we continued to receive relentless pressure from Guildford and a tiring team lead to 2 goals even though we did our best to keep them out. A late drive forward by Ed looked promising at the approach to the D, where he lined up a massive backhand waiting for the ball to go in the D which it never did before being picked by the opposition when Prebble was wide open. The match was tough but it showed to all what a committed team can do if they continue to believe and battle. We could have easily been overrun but we fought for everything and came away with our heads held high from a well drilled Guildford team.

Squad: 1. E. Rowney

  1. E. Butcher
  2. N. Buckingham
  3. C. Lloyd Hughes
  4. A. Dunn (c)
  5. C. Jain
  6. M. Coode
  7. J. Kitson
  8. J. Prebble
  9. C. Figgis
  10. H. Corteen Coleman
  11. O. Lumley (injury rotation)