Ladies 3rd XI vs Tunbridge Wells 1’s (Away) | 26 Mar 22

Lost 4-2

Scorers: Hannah White, Ellie Johnson

MoM: Rachel Van de Merwe

Starting out in the blazing sunshine, factor 50 sun cream was put on and gallons of cold water was on standby. The whistle went and Canterbury 3s pushed hard and there was good play by both teams, Canterbury holding Tunbridge Wells out of the D. Despite Canterbury playing well TW snuck a goal past us. Canterbury unbroken powered on with some great attacking opportunities and tireless running through the midfield but not being able to score. The ball was turned over and TW had an overload and managed to gain a penalty corner which was blasted into bottom left making it 2-0.

After a well needed half-time, with lots of sweets and water included, Canterbury started off the second half very strong and we got an attacking opportunity which was aided by Iona’s brilliant run and slotted in by Hannah. With Canterbury now fired up we went again, playing some amazing hockey. Unluckily TW hungry for more goals came at us hard but Trudy making 4 quality saves before TW scrappily tapped it in. Canterbury bounced back hard with yet another great attacking opportunity with it being built up from the back and Lorna driving it up the right hand side, firing it into Ellie who hit it cleanly scored bottom left. TW bouncing back, not wanting to let in another goal, tired to get past us but Rachel who put in amazing tackles just couldn’t get it past. TW came at us hard and slipped it past us. The final whistle went with the score being 4-2. Everyone put in fabulous efforts with Rachel getting a well deserved man of the match