Ladies 4th XI vs Meopham 1 (Home) | 12 Mar 22

Won 6-1

Scorers: Jo A, Triggs, Alex x2, Chloe S, Jess

On a sunny afternoon at Polo Farm cantebury play bottom of the league Meopham
With a unexpected break resulting in the first goal scored by Meopham when the ball drifted in from outside the D, and slowly crosses the goal line to score (a highly questionable end result). However, exactly the for the 4s needed to come back strong! 0-1
Second goal from Chloe with a lovely ball crossed and slotted in beautifully. 1-1
Third goal Alex with a really good strike
Meopham drove ball towards goal fantastic save from Kendra.
Short corner awarded to Canterbury – held up by Meopham with no score.
Meopham then awarded a 16 Canterbury picked up the ball from Meopham, drove into circle and were awarded a short corner which was converted by Nikki 3-1
Fantastic cross from Ellie Upton unfortunately the ball went wide of goal.
16 awarded to Meopham, the was ball pushed out to sideline and missed completely and then whistle blown for halftime. half time score 3-1 to Canterbury.
Fantastic work from Gabs driving the ball down the pitch Canterbury continue to dominate the game attacking well. A loose ball picked up by Ellie Gordon, who drove into the D and then picked up by Meopham. Canterbury Drive the ball into the D Gabs shoots at goal and ball goes wide Canterbury awarded long corner.
Nikki drives good ball in for Canterbury – Nikki shoots good save from Meopham keeper.
Scrappy play followed from Meopham but they manage to drive ball into D and cross the ball on target with a fantastic save by Kendra.
Lovely play from Canterbury Driving the ball in with unlucky Play resulting in Meopham awarded a free hit.
Lovely Work from Chloe and Charlotte driving the ball up the pitch crossing into the D slotted into the back of goal with fantastic shot from Jess McCully. 4-1
Fantastic work from Ellie Upton passing the ball into the D to Jess for a volley strike, which goes wide of goal.
Canterbury continue to dominate the game crossing the ball giving lots of opportunities.
Meopham pick up a loose ball drive the length of the pitch and alex stops the ball well.
Ellie Gordon passes the ball to Jess with a strong cross which the keeper saves.
Nicky has an attempt on goal hits a foot and Canterbury awarded a short corner which was missed.
Second short corner given. Ball driven wide to Captain Jo who scored an amazing goal from a crazy angle. 5-1
lovely work from Chloe driving the ball up the pitch, Canterbury awarded a short corner for a foot in the D.
Ball passed from Jo across the goal to chloe who passes the ball to Alex to slot in the back of the goal. 6-1
ball driven up to the pitch lovely ball taken in by Gabz Meopham hold up with a strong defence.
Long corner taken by Annabel lovely cross into the D to Chloe and ball goes wide of goal.
Loose ball collected and driven the length of the pitch by Maddie Leach and continuing attacking play from Canterbury results in a short corner awarded. Second short corner given amazing strike by Nicky goal not given as too high. Mepham Drive Ball down the pitch full time blown
The youngsters have worked hard developing their passes and confidence in the ball and he’ll did they show it today! A sunny day and a well deserved win for the Canterbury Ladies 4s. 6-1!

Mom: so many nominations but our Chloe Solley had a storming game today! Feisty youngster to Keenan eye on!!

Dod: for our Annabelle not knowing the fence has been there for the past 30+ years