Ladies 4th XI vs Edenbridge Ladies (Away) | 26 Feb 22

Won 0-1

Scorers: Eleni

On a beautiful spring day, the Canterbury 4s played Edenbridge 1s.
Having drawn with them earlier in the season we were ready and eager to bag the points.

Canterbury started feisty and dominated the possession, launching attack after attack.
However there was a tatty two minutes when Canterbury were under the cosh. Athletic Kendra made save after save (5 saves in 10 seconds) until Sibs swept off the line.

The defensive team of Gabs, Bex, Sibs, Eli and Annabelle gathered themselves and finally got the ball down the other end and we resumed the attack.

Unable to find the net, the half time score was still 0-0.

After a passionate team talk, Bex (who hadn’t played with us since the beginning of the season) described the team as velociraptors! As Kate, Alex, Eleni, Chloe, Jess and Vicky hunted down everything exploiting any weakness in the opposition- as a result a goal was never in doubt.

It eventually came with Birthday girl Kate working hard to get the ball into the D, which was slotted home by Eleni and the crowd went wild.

Chloe having worked her socks off all game, earned a rest of two minutes for an over exuberant tackle!
Kendra saved the day again seeing off a one on one attack to keep a clean sheet and secure the win. The team were rewarded with birthday cake from Kate.
MOM: Lots of nominations; Eli, Kendra, Kate, Vicky and Annabelle. Runner up: Kendra but man of match to birthday girl Kate.
DOD: A close run between Chloe for her card and Sibs for parking the wrong side of the petrol pump- the hoses do NOT always stretch across!

“Velociraptor means “quick plunderer.” It hunted in packs in order to bring down larger dinosaurs, often in a surprise ambush attack.”

Well done team! Onwards and upwards!

Squad: Kate Sibs Vicki Chloe Annabelle Eleni Bex Alex Jess Kendra Gabs Elli