Ladies 2nd XI vs Horsham (Away) | 12 Feb 22

Lost 3-0

MoM: Becs

DoD: Vicky

An interesting start to the game with Vicky chucking her guts up before we started (and forgetting her red socks), Molly awol to begin with, Abi missing from our match day squad due to a late call up to the 1s (nicely done Abi!) and Han taking a ball to the eyebrow and some blood before our game started. Chirpy did a great job patching her up and we had her back once she was ready.

A tough battle that could have gone either way in the first two quarters. They pressed us high but we held our nerve with some brilliant leads in from the mid-field to help ease the pressure at the back and some great attacking play. Liv was a demon hungry for the ball and certainly shook up the Horsham defence. An umpire that couldn’t tell the time meant our first quarter was longer than expected but we dug deep and carried on with lots of positive chat at half time. Momentum was building and tempers bubbling from both teams. Horsham capitalised on a quick break but we weren’t done fighting. With plenty of running and picture postcard movement off the ball we kept them at bay and kept putting pressure on them. Yours truly had a dig at the oppo with a short corner my arse comment that nearly saw the oppo carded until the umpire turned around and gave it to me… but we still got the free hit. You go figure that one? Horsham took their chances with Canterbury down one player and we were 2-0 down just before the whistle of the 3rd quarter.

The 4th quarter came with both teams applying pressure and Canterbury not ready to give in. Tempers rising and the Irish in Vicky came out to play. In true Irish fashion she started throwing a paddy or two on the pitch before being thumped in the big toe – you might want to cover up that lovely looking toe Vick! A penalty flick for Horsham which Becs saw off and with some acrobatic saves throughout the game won her man of the match and some positive comments from Horsham’s cheer squad. With an overload, Horsham found the back of the net to see Canterbury go 3-0 down. Canterbury lost a bit of their fire but kept battling to the end, but not before Lotte saw a green card for pushing a player off the ball but from what we all saw, it seemed she was pushed off the ball… so a second questionable card.

All in all some positives to take away with the picture postcard linking and no goals for the oppo off their short corners where we’ve been know to be a leaking sieve. Vicky was our actually dick of the day, but went full Irish on us with another paddy refusing to write the match report, so as runner up for my humorous green card, I stepped up. We go again next week against Southgate continuing the hard work

Squad: Becs MacKinnon, Emma Dunn, Gemma Luckhurst, Alice Wetters, Molly Paterson, Vicky O Sullivan, Kirsty Greaves, Hannah Harvey, Sofia Bashir, Lotte McDonnell, Tilly Tillings, Olivia Phillips, Elise Annand