Ladies 4th XI vs New Beccs 1 (Away) | 05 Feb 22

Drew 0-0

MoM: Eleni and Alex H

DoD: Jo Archibald

Today we played New Becs, away. After the long journey, we were faced with a conundrum; both teams having the same colour socks. Vickie came to the rescue and had tape, so we decorated our socks with some beautiful hoops.
Canterbury dominated the game, challenging New Becs. A great run made by Alex in the first halve, unfortunately no goal to come of it though. Some great runs made by Eleni and Kate in midfield. A motivating talk at half time in hopes for a goal.
Canterbury dominated the second half, aggravating the opposition. We had many short corners, but not scoring a goal out of it.
Well played ladies. A well fought battle by all the ladies and a real fire has been lit to ensure we get a win next time!