Men’s Friars vs Burnt Ash 7 (Away) | 08 Jan 22

Won 7-0

Scorers: John Aikin (4), Adam McHale (2), Tony Jones

MoM: Adam McHale

DoD: Geordie Hayward for forgetting his mouthguard

Flippers and snorkels

A friendly against Burnt Ash away to blow away the last vestiges of turkey and mince pies and washed down with a veritable dowsing of January rain. This all left us like drowned rats though happy after 7 goals were put away to give John Aikin a healthy 22 for the season – so he tells us anyway.
With Chris Biggles Ward injured and struck down by The Bug there was much chatter – especially from John Ratty Ratcliffe before the start of the game as to who was going to be the fall guy, the guy whose hand or foot and mouth would return to Polo and their unsympathetic partner with a strange dark hue. Anyway onto the hockey itself ……

Adam Laces McHale was a real problem to the opposition throughout the game despite his laces streaming out behind him as he left Burnt Ash players in his wake. So cold were his fingers he had to go off to have them properly tied up by his Dad. This merely made him pirouette even more round the Burnt Ash defence feeding the prowling John Aikin to slot away his four goals.

For once the Friars defence had little to do though Burnt Ash did start to put pressure on a tired Friars team of 11 in the second half. Mark Lester provided some real stability in centre midfield that fed the Friars forwards and the ever hungry Aikin.
Even the skipper got in the goal action with the best of the seven coming from McHale who well positioned tipped a lovel ball into the back corner.
The ever improving Tom Parkin and the redoubtable Jamie Harris provided the tackling skills to snuff out any Burnt Ash attacks.
As the skies both opened and darkened again for a lunchtime finish the final whistle went and all went to dry off including the 2 excellent Burnt Ash umpires – thank you to them.

Squad: Burnt Ash fella(GK), Brian Hurlow, Tony Jones(C), Geordie Hayward, John Aikin, John Ratcliff, Tom Parkin, Adam McHale, Mike Barton, Jamie Harris, Mark Lester