Ladies 3rd XI vs Bromley & Beckenham 2’s (Away) | 11 Dec 21

Drew 2-2

Scorers: Lizzie & Iona

After an early departure Canterbury 3s arrived at a questionable pitch with no facilities.
With a slow plod along the pot hole road the team chatted about the Christmas plans they all had, a little distracted and tired. With 9minutes of practice before the game began, Canterbury ladies escaped a close call to A&E with a flying stick from a shot on goal.
The whistle blew and Canterbury were in the attacking circle within minutes, showing some good play from the midfield to the front line. However, with a quick counter attic, Canterbury found themselves chasing the ball the length of the pitch. After a few minutes Brom & Becs were awarded a short corner and scored a goal on the far post. Canterbury continued to battle on with Ellie and Iona working together to earn a well deserved short corner. Captain fantastic steps up and boom, hits the back board like a rocket. Brom & Becs stepped up their game again scoring a goal from a well worked short corner. Half time score 2-1.

Second half saw some very questionable decisions being made and Canterbury ladies fought hard to keep their opinions of those decisions quiet. Lots of laughs were had. The young legs on the pitch worked tirelessly and kept the momentum high for the remainder of the game, becoming a great threat to the opposition. One last push with 3 minutes to go, Canterbury ladies had a quick turn over and Rachel attacked aggressively making an awesome pass to Iona, who then smashed the ball at the keeper, resulting in a deflection in the top corner of the gaol. Score 2-2.
Final whistle came and Canterbury celebrated in style and watched the disgust on the oppositions face.