Men’s Friars vs Gore Court 5 (Home) | 20 Nov 21

Won 2-0

Scorers: Jonny Devereux, John Aikin

MoM: Jonny Devereux

DoD: not awarded

After last week’s loss there was intent to get back to winning ways. Along with it being a Celebrity Weekend (and I don’t mean the annual celebrity rubbish from a Welsh castle that is served up on ITV again ) we needed to put in a good performance for the Celebrity we proudly sponsor – our very own Dan Gent who is a graduate from the Friars Nursery just 3 years ago and now an established player in the 1s at just 17 years old. He came to support us for the whole game – thanks Dan – see pic below.
A solid start in front of a “huge” crowd with a few from Gore Court thrown in saw opportunities at both ends but that last pass seemed to allude the Friars who must remember it’s a team game! However having written that, just before half time Jonny Devereux pulled off one of his solo runs out his back pocket and scored a lovely goal.
With 2 umpires in the form of Spratty and Farmer Twyman plus Bob Green as the TMO we were certainly well officiated and one of our illustrious supporters likened the piercing frequency of one official’s whistle to a South Eastern Rail train guard much to his amusement. Both umpires had good cause for their whistle-blowing as the Friars kept making silly Little Stix mistakes giving Gore Court numerous free hits though they themselves failed to capitalise on.
Into the second half with the wisdom of our keeper Gary Wyver and 1st team manager keeping for us which seemed to work (or maybe it was Brian’s jaffa cakes) as Friars did play better and a few short corners came our way with John Aikin managed to get a ball to dribble between the keepers legs to give us a 2-0 victory. He blushed accordingly for his rather feeble, though successful effort and a reminder to your writer that it was his 17th goal of the season and they all count!!
Some excellent defensive work from Pete Neville, Kevin, Jamie H and Ratty saw a clean sheet. Though how a yellow card was avoided for a rugby tackle by a certain guest player (not Gary!) shall remain a mystery
Once again Thanks to Dan Gent but who had the added enjoyment of watching his own manager perform in goal – no doubt his performance was picked over on the long journey the following day down to Havant!

Thanks as ever to the umpires – all 3 of them! and to Claire Gent for all her photography

Squad: Gary Wyver(GK), Brian Hurlow, Tony Jones(C), Geordie Hayward, John Aikin, Adam McHale, Pete Neville, John Ratcliff, Tom Parkin, Jamie Harris, Kevin Goulden, Jonny Devereux