Men’s 2nd XI vs Old Georgians (Home) | 20 Nov 21

Lost 1-6

Scorers: Josh Prebble

MoM: Hugo Corteen-Coleman

DoD: Chris Slade

A bright day welcomed us at Polo Farm and buoyed from our successful away trip to Eastbourne last week we were ready for the game ahead.

From Push back Old Georgians immediately attacked well and found their way into our circle with less than 30 seconds in. A fine save from Eddie was quickly turned into a counter attack by us up the right hand side and our first short corner of the match. In the absence of Faz young Alex Laslett stepped up to the plate but unfortunately his drag to the right post was stopped by the post man.
With only 3 minutes on the clock OG’s had their first shortie and after watching intently in the warm up the call from Caption Lloyd on the bench was “Craney, all yours!”. Some confusion at the left post left Craney and Eddie jumping on eachother while the ball flew in low and hard to the opposite corner catching everyone by surprise.

8 minutes in OG’s entered our D on the right shoulder met by a strong clean tackle from Figgy the ball popped out high towards the top of the D and out of nowhere former GB Olympic athlete James Tindall hit it first time on the half volley with an upright reverse which flew through a crowd of players and into the bottom corner.

Some nice play from Canterbury to work out of OG’s high corner press opened up the opportunity for a quick ball up the line from Figgy. No sooner had the ball touched Sladeys forehand he was completely wiped out by a slide tackle from behind and in typical Sladey fashion, the free hit was awarded to OG’s to everyones suprise.

A nice set of 1-2’s in the middle set Paddy away in behind their defensive line, the OG’s keeper being quick to close him down. With Sladey alongside him for the slip left Paddy dropped his shoulder and went right completely unfooting the keeper who had to take him out to prevent the goal. 2 OG’s defenders were scrambling back to the line but rightly the Penalty Stroke was awarded. Full of confidence from his recent displays Josh “Big Guns” Prebble neatly tucked it into the side net at that awkward height for the GK between foot and stick. Despite going 2-0 down very early on Canterbury were well in the fight with nearly an hour still to play.

There were a few cards after half time and a dubious shortie for OG’s was pulled out to the wrong castle. With the drag flicker having already ran away the OG’s stopper improvised well and the ball ended up in the back of the net regardless.

Despite some great saves from Eddie throughout the game he was unfortunately blown up for a foul in a 1v1 which led to a stroke that OG’s own youngster flicked low and hard past the diving Eddie.

Canterbury continued to play some very good hockey but lacking their opponents ruthless clinicalness kept pushing for the next goal to get us back in the game. Knowing we were still very much in the game despite the score OG’s continued to press us really high to finish things off and were successful with a high turnover and a quick couple of 1-2’s the ball was past Eddy with little anyone could do.

A nice baseline circle entry on the left by Nick “On ya head” Buckingham should have resulted in the awarding of a long corner but when the umpire signalled for a 16 Laz felt now was the time to let him know he’d been rubbish all day so was duly sent for a 5 minute break to cool off. Quite unexpectedly from the umpire he then turned to the nearest Canterbury player and said whilst Laz’s assement might be true, he’s just not allowed to say it.

Right near the end of the game a quickly taken free hit high up the pitch for OG’s caught us off guard and unbalanced as Lloydy was subbing on for an easy 2 v 1 for OG’s to finish clinically once again.

Despite the score the game was far more competitive than it seemed and and certainly flattered our opponents but luckily for them they had a 37 year old former Olympic athlete at the club who didn’t fancy an away game to Manchester so played 2’s instead. Boyne it’s Old Willlies away next week, see you there.

Squad: E. Rowney, C. Lloyd-Hughes (c), P. Crane, S. Coode, C. Figgis, H. Corteen-Coleman, L. Kennedy, N. Buckingham, A. Laslett, D. Colquhoun, M. Messenger, C. Slade, J. Prebble, P. Brookson