Men’s 2nd XI vs Eastbourne Men’s 1st XI (Away) | 13 Nov 21

Won 1-2

Scorers: Alex Laslett, Josh Prebble

MoM: Luke Kennedy

DoD: Max Messenger

After a hefty 5-2 win the week before, we headed to eastbourne hockey club with confidence as they had achieved less points than games following the first 7 games of the season. Arriving at the train station we popped into WHSmith to find out that a can of water was £3.99 so we opted to go to tesco where we got an entire lunch for a pound less. The rest of the walk consisted of a possible wedding photo bomb attempt before walking round the entire ground before we got to the actual entrance.

The game started fast with Canterburys formation and tactics pressing eastbourne’s défense while we waited for a mistake. The game went on the same with the 2s having most of the attacking possession. This was not to be however as eastbourne’s centre midfield forgot what game he was playing and turned into Luka Modric, lacing the ball to their right winger who played it in with a shot that was converted yo make it 1-0 to the hosts. The entire Canterbury team were bemused and frustrated as they had stopped playing just after the incident however the umpires unfortunately hadn’t seen that there was any foul from eastbourne player. The game continued with a spell of possession form the home team however a break from Canterbury was passed around ending with an assist from Tritton to Alex who shot on target, again to be saved on the line by an eastbourne’s foot. The umpire observed and gave the goal without needing a penalty flick. Several cards later, a D entry which was passed to Josh Prebbs saw a first time slap down the middle of the goal which confused the goal keeper giving Canterbury the lead. The game was seen out after a couple of fiery confrontations from both teams.

The post march celebration started with Chris Sladey seemingly breaking the showers then proceeding to go to the bar half wet and in a towel following with him being know as the plumber for the rest of the night. He then turned into Luigi, as the after match dress was superheroes as chosen by Prebbs after winning MOM the week before. Both MOM and DOD were decided by drink-offs with everyone but Max having a guinness as he went for a very foamy stella. Luke smashed his competition and Max lost the DOD showdown as he tried to split his pint into two glasses making it even more foamy. The night was rounded off by a game of ´vingt-et-un’ which found that some members couldn’t count to five or skin as per the games rules. You can work that one out yourselves.

Next week we have a home game at the mighty Polo fortress against tough opponents, Old Georgians 2s. Midday start!

Squad: J. Van Coillie, M. Farrer (c), P. Crane, S. Coode, C. Figgis, H. Corteen-Coleman, L. Kennedy, N. Buckingham, A. Laslett, J. Tritton, M. Messenger, C. Slade, J. Prebble, P. Brookson