Men’s 1st XI vs Team Bath Buccanneers (Away) | 07 Nov 21

Drew 1-1

Scorers: Bean

MoM: Chris Rea

DoD: Matt Carney

A long trip to Bath on Sunday bought a few changes of personnel with Dan Colquhoun and another one from the Polo Farm production line, Chris Figgis making their first trips with the 1st XI.

From the outset, Canterbury looked threatening with an almost DOD-worthy, self-proclaimed ‘fastest player on the pitch’ Cal Brown-Lea leading the charge to press high and pressurise the defence.

A few early chances came Canterbury’s way as a couple of penalty corners opportunities went begging but the team continued to play in a composed manner, with Dan Colquhoun coming on to bring a new dimension with a confident first outing.

The first half slipped by as a fairly even affair with Hamish Roberts having a chance on his backhand snuffed out and MOM Chris Rea making an excellent stick save at a corner to keep it level at the break.

Bath Buccanneers came out the more threatening in the second half with their main talisman stepping through to have more of an impact. This did however leave a gap when Canterbury were able to turn to ball over high up the field as they did on occasions but to no avail.

With Bath pressing, Tom Bean found himself making a poor error with a first time pass in a congested area, leading to a mis-timed tackle and a green card to boot – probably one of the easier decisions for the umpire.

Fortunately the defence managed to weather the storm with only 10 and when Bean returned, the forwards quickly won a corner. As the team lined up for the corner, a roar of ‘come on Canterbury’ from Phil Sandey, who found himself in Bath for the day, willed the ball into the goal from Bean who quickly redeemed himself by dispatching it into the net to make it 1-0 as Sandey claimed the assist.

Bath soon took off their goalkeeper to bring on an extra outfield player and mount the pressure on the away team and it seemed to pay dividends as a 50:50 tackle with Matt Carney and their captains resulted in an unfortunate penalty stroke.

As their player stepped up, Chris stood tall in the goal and thrust his right hand high to bat the ball away with a fantastic diving save and maintain Canterbury’s advantage.

Despite the outfield player advantage, Canterbury managed the game well and could arguably have extended their lead before Carney found himself in our circle after making another text book Carney block.

As he turned to shovel the ball away for the goal towards the sideline, the ball worked its way off the back line near the corner… a long corner to everyone’s eyes, even the umpire initially. However after some thought a dubious penalty corner was awarded.

To Canterbury’s frustration, said corner was ran down brilliantly by Tom Degiovanni, but the follow up strike hit post-man Bean on the line, awarding Bath their second stroke of the game.

Chris was confident of repeating his heroics as the same penalty taker stepped up but this time sent Rea the wrong way and drew level on the stroke of 70 minutes.

A second frustrating draw in two weeks however the team still stay unbeaten from the first game of the season as we look to take on Reading in a big Presidents Day Sunday at Polo Farm next weekend.

Squad: Chris Rea, Matt Burton-Bowen, Matt Carney, Tom Richford, Chris Figgis, Craig Boyne, Tom Degiovanni, Hamish Roberts, Tom Bean, Dan Gent, Conor Annand, Cal Brown-Lea, Miles Coode, Dan Colquhoun