Men’s Pilgrims vs Marden 1st XI (Away) | 06 Nov 21

Lost 2-3

Scorers: Glenn Prebble, Andrew Hurst

MoM: Duir

DoD: Sammzi

After a very tough game away to Blackheath last week the Grims received the hairdryer treatment from the skipper post match and knew they had to buck up their ideas going into this weekend’s game against one of the strongest teams in the league.

The mighty Grims knew it would be tough even before losing the centre back duo of Craney and Harry to carry the 2s to a victory. Nevertheless the chaps put together a strong warm up and beat Marden on the the pitch as they were raring to go and get the upper hand early on.

After keeping out a swathe of early back-to-back short corners, including a save on the line by Sammzi, the Grims were quick to counter and earn a corner of their own. The initial flick by Ben was saved and soared high in the air off the keeper. Inspired by his son’s performance in the 2s earlier Glenn Prebble stepped up with a badminton style smash on the reverse high above his head and took the Grims 1-0 up!

With Marden rattled and the chaps very happy with their strong start they continued to apply the pressure and soon found themselves 2-0 up after Hursty sent the keeper the wrong way, only to spin round and hammer home low from the top of the D’.

Continued counter attacking by Marden kept the Grims on their toes, but a solid defensive effort saw many attacks and short corners swatted away. Unfortunately a crash ball snuck its was through the defensive line and to a a player on the back post who just managed to get in front of his marking player. 2-1 to the Grims.

The Grims went into the break with heads and spirits high as the team knew they had stepped up and had a chance of claiming 3 points against a very strong 1st XI.

Canterbury started the second half strongly once again and put much pressure on the Marden defence, but a quick counter saw Marden take themselves level, despite MOM Duir making several save in a row.

With Marden now at 2-2 they turned up the pressure and pressed higher up the pitch making it difficult for Canterbury to get the ball up to the forward line. After a few aerials over the top, a Marden player decided the only way to stop them was to wear one in the face, earning Sammzi DOD after he suffered a similar injury last week.

Canterbury continued to keep out Marden’s many, many short corners but eventually a rather scrappy affair in front of the goal from open play saw Marden get a third, taking them ahead.

Not to be disheartened, the Grims pressed on and earned some more corners, but could not put them away. They were also unlucky not to be awarded a penalty stroke following a save off one of Ben’s flicks fell to Sammzi, but was blocked on the line by a defender’s body.

With the clock counting down, Canterbury did everything they could to get level once more but could not take advantage of a Marden yellow card. The full time whistle sounded as Marden set up for one final corner, the Grims knew they could no longer take any points from the game. They did however want to make their defensive corner effort stay at 100% shut out.

The grim’s defence of Duir, Rydon, Steady Eddy, Tyler and Sammzi once again stepped up to the plate and shut down the overtime corner, rounding out a phenomenal display from the entire team.

The mighty Grims should be very proud of their performance this weekend and take all the positives into next week’s clash against Holcombe 2s, 4pm top pitch! Rumour has it some questionable attire will be seen in the bar after the game and some familiar faces of Grims past returning!

Squad: Jonathan Adams, Edward Mathews, Duir Forrest, Seth Coode, Tyler Aitken, Ben Cotton, Fraser Coupe, Glenn Prebble, Andrew Hurst, Sammzi Bahrawy, Blue Kelleher, Alex Rydon