Ladies 2nd XI vs Ipswich (Home) | 23 Oct 21

Drew 2-2

Scorers: Tilly & Kirsty

MoM: Tilly

DoD: Vicky

On a very humid day, Canterbury 2s competed against Ipswich, a team one place below them in the table. After a great team talk by Coach Conor all players were clear on the teams tactics going into the game.

Canterbury started out strong with a well structured press and with their clinical decisions caused several attacks in the first couple of minutes. But it was Ipswich who capitalised scoring a goal from a short corner first. It was a feisty and aggressive quarter but this did not stop the Canterbury girls pressing on and optimising the momentum they got for an excellent outlet from Amy, transferred to Andy who eliminated the opposition passing the ball to Cara. Super women Cara off loaded the ball to speedy Tilly who beat the defenders and then took the keeper on 1V1. Amazing strike from Tilly creates a 1-1 draw in the first quarter.

Both teams were hungry to score in the second quarter but with our energetic goalie Becca they didn’t have a chance. Her ability to stop the deflections was outstanding! Glad she was in the goal and not us. Abbie continued to shine in the second quarter eliminating the opposition and gaining momentum in attack. With Alice and Kirsty supporting her, the strikers were able to remain high and offer some threatening passes. Alice optimised the free space by moving the ball from congested areas and using her double drags to eliminate the defenders in a 1V1. As the teams confidence grew, Sophia pressed really hard creating a really good turnover with potential for the other forwards to score but sadly Canterbury didn’t convert. Both teams battled on but no goals were scored. Half time score 1-1. With manager fantastic Chirpy providing the sweets at half time we were all buzzing to go again.

In the third quarter the opposition upped their speed in attack and caused the Canterbury side to be unsettled and disconnected. They created a quick counter attack and scored a questionable goal from play, 2-1 Ipswich. With a green card for Vicky for a tackle normally seen in U5s she found herself sitting on the bench for 2.30mins. However, this did not phase the team and they became hungrier for another goal. With a strong man to man from Molly and Hannah the oppositions forwards began to retreat and have less chances on goal. This gave the midfield confidence to continue the relentless drive to try and score. With Ellas awesome individual skills she became a threat as we attacked forward. This rattled the opposition and ended the quarter with them giving a bit of Irish abuse to the umpires.

Ipswich tried to counter attack rapidly down the middle of the pitch, but Emma tracked back effectively preventing them from having any shots on goal. With great determination, perseverance and grit, the players pressed on and attacked the the sides of the pitch. With quick frees from Andy and creative attacking play she passed the ball to Cara who gained ground finding herself in the circle being awarded a short corner for a bad stick tackle- finally awarded should we say!!! With a cracking straight strike and missing the goal by mm we were soon awarded more short corners for sheepish tackles and stunts from Ipswich. Canterbury finally saw victory as Kirsty smashes the ball into the goal from a short corner. Our absolute hero, she will be in shock for a few days after that!!!!

A great fight from everyone #greenandwhitearmy

Squad: Becca Smith

Vicky O Sullivan
Hannah Harvey
Emma Dunn
Sophia Bashir
Amy Hare
Kirsty Greaves
Alice Wetters
Abbie Bean
Ella Jain
Tilly Tillings
Molly Patterson
Cara Brogan- Jones
Andy Annand
Gemma Luckhurst

Coach: Conor