Men’s Pilgrims vs Maidstone 1XI (Away) | 09 Oct 21

Drew 1-1

Scorers: Andy Hurst

MoM: WIll Allen

DoD: Andy Hurst

The day started off well with the team losing a player to the 4’s to give them 11 which in turn left us with bare 11 away at the gritty Maidstone, on a pitch which feels like concrete with some sand on top, its not the place you want to take a bare 11 too, especially against a 1XI.

The Game started well, with some careful tactics and patience, we managed to take an early lead, our high press coming off well and with a couple of passes, Andy Hurst managed to tap it into an empty net after a lovely weighted ball from debuting Ben Cotten. After this it was very quite from us and a lot of close shaves, Will ‘I went to kings’ Allen kept us in the game with some cracking saves, however, it didn’t last for long…

A very soft Short corner crept in the bottom left corner between post man and keeper, to be honest Mr McDonald was annoyed he didn’t stop it and probably should of done 😉

Going into the break 1-1, we were happy, against any first team, its hard with only 11 and to keep the standards we did was impressive. We were thankful that Maidstone could finish their dinner, short corners actually working in out favour as Maidstone had about 13 and couldn’t convert any, in the second half chances were rare for us but we held on and if you’d offered us a point at the end of that we would of taken in and ran off, good result for the chaps!

Onto next week where we play an even grittier game on hoe truth against Burnt Ash, another first team…

Squad: WIll Allen (GK), Paul Crane (C), Alex Rydon (VC), Tyler Aitken, Harry McDonald, Fraser Coupe, Seth Coode, Sammzi Bahrawy, Ben Cotten, Blue Kelleher, Andy Hurst