Ladies 2nd XI vs Southgate (Home) | 09 Oct 21

Lost 3-0

MoM: Ella Jain

DoD: Emma Dunn

A hard fought game which saw a lot of pressure on our defence from the get go. Southgate were a well drilled side with a tight high press putting us under pressure and capitalising on their chances when I gifted the centre forward the ball (hence DOD and the fact that I didn’t let the secret of it being my birthday until the game was played and we were enjoying a post game drink… thanks team!). We held our own throughout the game and had a couple of chances with a few short corners which we well defended by the opposition. At half times we were still 1-0 down but very much in the game. Alice Brett made some fantastic breakaways up front and created some chances but again, Southgate held their own and is out. We kept their advances at bay for the best part of three quarters of the game but with a few breakaways they capitalised two more of their chances. Ella had a stormer in defence as a result walked away with player of the match. Whilst we walked away with a 3-0 defeat, heads were held high and as a team we felt like the score line didn’t reflect the guts and determination we played with. Southgate were a well drilled team that have played together for a few years (and it showed) but we walk away with plenty to take aways to build on but a gutsy effort by all. Onwards and upwards as we build a new team!

Squad: Becca Smith Alice Brett Hannah Harvey Emma Dunn Amy Hare Ella Jain Andy Annand Irmak Kara Lauren Martin Alice Wetters Nat Goldring Tilly Tillings Abbie Bean Vicky O Sullivan Cara Brigan-Jones