Ladies 3rd XI vs Gore Court 1’s (Away) | 02 Oct 21

Drew 0-0

Scorers: –

MoM: Trudy

DoD: Moi

The heavens were open as we travelled to Gore Court ready for a normal physical battle!

The new canterbury squad introduced themselves to each other and started well. The physical battle began with both sides showing great skill and determination to score! Both goal keepers were outstanding and saved many goal opportunities.

The hockey game was more like table tennis back and forth and 1000’s of shuttles . The youngsters in the canterbury side stepped up and showed promise for the future! Half time score 0-0.

Second half knackered legs, soaked through and not really being able to hold on to the stick was very similar to the 1st , some opportunities for both sides but a fair score in the end gave both sides a point with a 0-0 draw !