Ladies 5th XI vs Marden (Away) | 25 Sep 21

Lost 1-3

Scorers: Tilly

MoM: Niamh and Tilly

DoD: Not awarded

A huge shout out to Suzie for her secret stash of diesel to get the team to Marden on time and on point.

We all worked hard in the first half, but Marden managed to dampen our spirits by sneaking in a goal on the half time whistle.

Ramped up by a rousing team talk by Kate and Niamh, and some extra caffeine (shout out the Red Bull), we came back strong to equalise the game with an epic strike by Tilly.

We felt we had a stronger second half but Marden burst our bubble with two more goals.
It was an east choice to award the man of the match award to Tilly and GK Niamh as they played exceptionally well. We are all very happy to have Niamh back in goal…..even if her shouting is a bit scary sometimes!

A special mention for NHS champion Rhiannon, playing most of the match coming straight off a nightshift.
Keep up the good work Ladies- training on Thursday- then we will come back stronger.


Squad: Tilly Niamh Vicki Rhiannon Jess Suzie Kate Sarah Sophie Gill Jaynie Freya Catriona Danielle