Men’s Pilgrims vs Anchorians Men’s 1’s (Home) | 18 Sep 21

Won 3-2

Scorers: Andrew Hurst x2 Max Messenger x1

MoM: Stewie Keir (Gadget)

DoD: Andrew Hurst

It was a sunny Saturday morning on AW2, sunnier then expected in which the Mens Pilgrims took on Anchs 1’s. The first call of the day was to get the sun cream ready for the residential gingers in the team, after this our first team warm up was underway! With a good warm up and match prep ready, we were set for our 11am pushback, unlike Anchs who hadn’t turned up, with their understanding it was an 11:45 PB with a 11am meet… in which our fixture sec described them as silly men (to put politely). Nevertheless, with a 30 minute delayed pushback the Grims got their first official pre season game underway! From the off the intensity was there, with a very lively team we pressed their defence hard, with early chances coming for us, we looked to get the first goal.

Our first goal came from a well worked press we’d practised in training, with a quick breakaway from midfield, and a line breaking pass from Max messenger, Andy H slotted away past a rushing keeper to make it 1-0 to the hosts. Not so long after this, with Canterbury still piling on the pressure and the Anchs Craptain describing their play as “very stoke 2014” we were able to find the second, some good play on the wing and a ball hit in, riding a couple of challenges and a good advantage from the umpire, Andy was able to secure his second with a flicked finish through a tight angle past the big Irishman in the Anchs net.

A soft goal from a debatable short corner for the visitors but them back in contention, making it 2-1 at HT. Canterbury not coming out the blocks quick enough at the start of the third quarter meant the visitors got a second and therefore were now equal!

With some chances missed and a lot of hard work from the hosts, we were able to find a third from Max Messenger rebounding on a flick from the top, with a calmly dispatched finish to put us 3-2 up and to ultimately go on to win! A very encouraging start, with a lot of potential in the squad and a tough season ahead!

MOM- Gadget
DOD- Andy Hurst

Squad: Will Allen (GK), Paul Crane (C), Alex Rydon (VC), Sammzi Bahrawy, Tyler Aitken, Stewart Keir, Seth Coode, Max Shilling, ALex Laslett, Max Messenger, Blue Kelleher, Andrew Hurst