Griffins vs Knole Park 1 (Away) | 17 Oct 20

Won 3-7

Scorers: Brendan Hogwood, Ethan Aitken, Oliver Neal

MoM: Josh and Hugo.

DoD: Again, Les, endless horrendous stick tackles and arguing with Duncan

The match at Tonbridge school was defined by one thing, TEAM PERFORMANCE!!

Even though the Griffins had a much-changed team from the previous week, with players joining from the Millar’s and 2 new players that were making their CHC and Griffins debut, Brendon and Ben.
The team settled very early, with a well taken goal from the newbie Brendon, showing a great turn of speed down the left then giving himself time to finish.
Knole Park quickly equalised by their individual player Duncan. But being an individual was inevitably their downfall!
The Griffins close marking and great distracting jab tackling quickly disrupted Knole Parks play.
With Josh working tirelessly to man mark and cut out their central play. This allowed our own players to tear into the opposition, which we did endlessly as a team.
The second goal was a trade mark aerial rom Les to Hugo who linked in with Olly with a couple of one two’s, with Olly finishing into an empty net. The same two players linked to achieve all 3 of Olly’s goals.
With such an abundance of subs, the Griffins rotated players to keep up the momentum, however Knole Park scored a 2nd before the half time break.
The Griffins reset back to their original formation and soaked up any early pressure, with Charlie, Bricey, Richard, Matt and Josh covering an immense amount of ground to stuff out Knole Parks play. When they did break through, Chris made several important saves from their ever-tiring individual.
Hugo then continued his assists, 5 in all, to allow Ethan a second half quick fire hattrick. 7-2 up and the Griffins continued to push forward.
Knole Park managed to slip through the Griff’s defence to score a 3rd, but by this time the match was the Griffins.
The inter play showed that playing as a team can beat any individual and every one of our players walked of the pitch knackered but with a huge smile on their faces.

Squad: Ben Thomas, Matt Swaffer, Chris Paine, Oliver Neal, Richard N, Edward Lampard, Josh Kitson, Charlie Jain, Brendan Hogwood, Les G, Hugo Corteen-Coleman, Bricey, Jonathan Adams, William Adams