Griffins vs Folkestone (Away) | 03 Oct 20

Lost 2-0

MoM: Eddie Rowney

DoD: Will Stevens

Off the back of a great game against the 5th’s the Griffins travelled to Folkestone with a very different team.
The Griffins started well all working for each other, moving the ball around having the odd break towards the Folkestone goal. Unfortunately we ended one down before half time and could have been several more if Eddie hadn’t had a stunning first half.
The second half we were exposed as we lost discipline and stopped working as a team trying to walk through Folkestone on their open sticks! Eddie was kept very busy and the final score somewhat flattered us.

Squad: Ethan Aitken, Barney Batchelor, Aron Brice, George Coombs, Les Gurubatham, Riley Holness, Ash Hooker, Edward Lampard, Finn Murphy, Richard Navarro-Pollot, Archie Richardson Eddie Rowney