Friars vs Holcombe Heroes (Home) | 19 Sep 20

Won 3-1

Scorers: Nick Tan, John Ratcliffe, Geordie Hayward

MoM: Paul Donovan & Mike Barton

DoD: not awarded though we could have awarded Grump of The Day to …….

So always a tough and equal game against this opposition however Friars started off brightly and after 15 minutes were one nil up after a Nick Tan goal from an outrageous angle along the back line that some unkind souls put down to a pass that didn’t quite go where it was intended! Back at the other end, GK Paul Donovan was in fine voice and fine form keeping the Holcombe team from being heroes.

Into the second half with a new umpire (The Kevin G) and a Holcombe equaliser as their team had upped their game but with youngsters Arthur Fassum and Tom Tan increasing in confidence the Canterbury team started to put more pressure on the Holcombe goal to get ahead.

This resulted in Ratty Ratcliffe getting a goal mouth melee goal and five minutes before time Geordie Hayward from a lovely ball from Nick Tan striking well into the bottom corner getting the third Friars goal with the score giving the Friars a somewhat flattering feel to this competitive and good natured game – however they didn’t mind!

Great games from Paul Donovan in goal and Mike Barton at centre back and they get joint Men of the Match awards

Squad: GK Paul Donovan, Tony Jones(C), Mike Barton, Kevin Goulden, John Aikin, Geordie Hayward, Arthur Fassum, Jamie Harris, Brian Hurlow, Chris Ward, Nick Tan, Tom Tan, John Ratcliffe, UMPIRES: Martin Twyman, Geordie Hayward (half), Kevin Goulden (half)