Friars vs Maidstone 5s (Home) | 14 Mar 20

Lost 0-1

MoM: Brian Hurlow

DoD: Geordie Hayward

A frustrating game which started off with some hope. The first 15 minutes created 2 good chances one too much from a good pass from Pete Bowell to Geordie Hayward and another at a short corner which he fluffed up so an easy DoD award. All the while the defence were putting in a good shift especially Arthur Boarman, Geoff Philpott, Nick S-K and Brian Hurlow (MoM) with Chris Paine in goal but somewhat inexplicably a Maidstone goal dribbled in and so the score was 0-1 at half time.

After the Jaffa cake injection, courtesy of vice skipper Brian Hurlow, and some words of wisdom from assembled retired and injured Friars – RSM McCarthy, Mike Green, John Aikin et al.

Into the second half and the Maidstone defence began to earn their stripes and combined with some outrageous luck at times managed to hold out as the Friars threw everything at them including our good Doctor Nick Tan. Young Riley Holness in particular was very unlucky not to have scored. As one Maidstone defender said to your scribbler with 10 minutes to go “I don’t know how we are winning this game”. Amen to that and we slip to 6th in the table but safe!

Squad: Chris Paine(GK), Tony Jones(C), Brian Hurlow, Geoff Philpott, Mike Barton, Kevin Goulden, Nick Scott-Kilvert, Geordie Hayward, Riley Holness, Arthur Fassum, Angus Boarman-Powell, Pete Bowell, Dr Nick Tan, Tom Tan.