Squires vs Holcombe 5’s (Away) | 14 Mar 20

Drew 2 – 2

Scorers: Finn Murphy x 2

With our friendly already cancelled the following weekend we knew this was our last game of the season. With a hope therefore to finish off with a win we took to the pitch with familiar names (as has been the case all season) and set up……save for we had few spares!
Finn was our new addition up front and it didn’t take long for him to make an impression swooping the cross past the floundering keeper and with it we were 1 – 0 up in 7 minutes. We continued to control possession and have good domination. The defence of James, Graeme, David and James kept pretty much everything away from Damian, playing his first game in goal for the Squires, right up until Holcombe won a short corner on one of their first attacks into the D. Damian was left with little chance to get to the ball as the strike was made.
Robin ad Olly had another good game and signed off the season with particular effort and skill mixed together. James in midfield added to the control and pattern of the game with the Squires looking in charge. Towards the end of the half James (Long) took a ball to the knee (again!) and hobbled from the pitch. William came onto the pitch and slotted in really well providing no chink for Holcombe to expose.
At half time we knew we had a place in the match and really should be striving for a win; however it wasn’t long before great approach play by Holcombe left two at the back post either of whom could have slotted home to put them in the lead.
A true spirit of the Squires this season has been to never roll over and today was no exception. With renewed effort and William coming on and of for Finn to rest tired legs as he ran well to smother the defence and try to make the build up play difficult for Holcombe.
With Rich in midfield having to work harder and harder to retain the ball it wasn’t long before Rich, Olly and then Finn found reward. Finn managed to take the ball on the run, his first shot repelled by the keeper off his body Finn collected it and then shovelled it into the net for his second.
The normal Squires routine of ‘surviving’ the last 7 or 8 minutes ensued during which the defence stayed strong, the midfield worked back hard with support from the forwards; and Damian made the most excellent save that meant the game was drawn. Olly had one moment where a victory could have been ours but the umpire ruled his crash to the ground as unfortunate / unlucky / unclear; whilst he recovered and put his shoe on again having had the keeper ‘remove’ it we debated the definition of ‘accidental’!!!
With it we finish 6th for the minute but until the last game of the season is played (virus hit) we are not sure if 6th or 7th is our final position in the league.
An excellent season with a good blend of old bones, wise heads and some excellent younger talent developing well into the hockey club.

Squad: Damian Beer – James Long – Graeme Kemsley – David Smith – James Cox – James Curtiss – Adam Watkins – William Adams – Robin Cox – Richard Navarro-Pollott – Olly Curtiss – Finn Murphy