Friars vs Marden Russets 5 (Away) | 07 Mar 20

Lost 1-3

Scorers: Pete Bowell

MoM: Angus Boarman-Powell

DoD: No one stood out.,…Not awarded but not sure why!

The sun was shining and all seemed well at Marden’s new ground and clubhouse…short lived joy though as the game went into sudden overdrive as Marden attacked our D. We quickly worked out that the young number 72 was not ‘of our league’ as he cut through the midfield and defence, yep, he assisted their first goal. The game then settled into less of all hands to the pumps and we came back into it as playing against the normal Marden 5ths was far more of an even affair. Pressure from the attacking midfield and the forwards resulted in a Pete Bowell goal and 1:1 seemed a fair result at that point. The second half buoyed with the normal intake of traditional Jaffa cakes resulted in an onslaught from Marden that we just could not contend with.

Things turned ugly between the two sides and the umpire had to stop the game and warn the captains that cards will be shown if we did not button the ‘on pitch umpiring’. Marden just proved too strong and scored twice leaving us a little flat. However the Friars are made of sterner stuff these days and chances were gained but not taken even though their keeper only looked like he was twelve and height lacking.

The game resulted in three injuries as Jonesy’s cameo left him walking off with an ankle injury, Ratty off with a reoccurring problem and young 13 year old Riley being taken out in the first half but coming back not quite the same lad in the second and then off again. Some ill discipline from a Friar without naming Pete Bowell – oops (editor mistake) – despite management warnings, got himself a green and a two minute rest but luckily no goal from Marden.

Their were some heroic efforts throughout the game from all concerned and it’s great to see two of our development lads, Riley and Angus getting stronger in the rough and tumble of adult hockey. Onwards Friars if not upwards as we linger around fifth place with two games to go without danger of promotion or relegation!

Vice Scribbler, Brian

Squad: Jude Lanstone (GK), Chris Ward, Brian Hurlow, Tony Jones (C), Nick Scott-Kilvert, John Ratcliffe, Mike Barton, Kevin Goulden, Riley Holness, Angus Boarman-Powell, John Aikin, Pete Bowell, Doctor Nick Tan and Geoff Philpott also played.