Friars vs Sutton Valence 3s (Home) | 29 Feb 20

Lost 2-5

Scorers: Geordie Hayward, John Aikin

MoM: Paul Donovan

DoD: awarded to all those over 57 for various obvious errors excluding Nick Scott-Kilvert as he played so well


This was always going to be hard against top of the table SV especially as we had beaten them in their backyard one very early Saturday morning just before Christmas (when they were handicapped by multiple hang overs and intra team bickering) so revenge could not have been far from their thoughts.

For the Friars there were three more promising youngsters on debut – Finn, Angus and Arthur in addition to young Riley on his second adult match 4 new lads in 8 days indicates a baby boom of sorts! The first 15 minutes was quite even with even a couple of chances going for the Friars which were spectacularly missed with no names mentioned Ratty! Goalie Paul Donno was in the thick of it, as he so often is, but even he could not hold back the red and white waves and we were 2 down at half time through no fault of his more from some slight lackadaisical midfield work. Some interesting errors at the back brought an on-field apology from Kevin (very rare!) but a smile to his face (also rare!)

Half time chats from a veritable myriad of injured managers – Brian Hurlow (lurgi – not corona), Neil Birch (heroic broken thumb), Richard McCarthy (retired… though possibly another comeback in the offing) Phil Dowling (not present but there in spirit – a sort of virtual manager by Whats App but injuries to most of his battered body), Mike Green (just injured) but all most welcome, adding to a colourful variety, even in these PC times, a diversity, of differing opinions on the bench.

Second half started with an early goal from SV but Friars fought back. Young Riley Holness having another good game took the ball into the D and passed along the back line behind the goalie for Geordie to tap in. This was closely followed by John Aikin driving into the D and skilfully beating the keeper to make it 3-2. SV stepped up a gear and began to apply more pressure and the last 15 mins scored 2 more goals to justify their top position in the league.

A tough competitive game enthusiastically endorsed by Nick Scott-K in the after-match changing room analysis and as ever very well umpired by Martin and Spratty.

Squad: QUAD: Paul Donovan (GK), Tony Jones(C), Geordie Hayward, Kevin Goulden, Mike Barton, Chris Ward, John Ratcliffe, Nick Scott-Kilvert, John Aikin, Pete Bowell, Riley Holness, Finn Murphy, Angus Boarman, Arthur Fassum UMPIRES: Thank you to Martin Twyman and Paul Spratt