3rd XI vs Sevenoaks (Away) | 29 Feb 20

Won 7-2

Scorers: Chris Podd x2 Chris Ashenden x1 Matt Lea x4

Canterbury travelled away to Sevenoaks, the toughest game of the 1st half of the season, missing a couple of older heads but gaining a new youngster in Nathan Fox. We had planned on having 12 players but unfortunately Tyler’ dad’s car had other ideas and so it was a bare 11 to face 2nd in the league….
Canterbury pretty soon settled in to the game and pressing the Sevenoaks defence well caused a number of turnovers early before winning a PC which was put away from the top by Matt Lea. Shortly after Canterbury won another PC which nearly saw Ef Matthews add to his goal tally applying the deflection at the near post only to see his effort chested down off the line by the unfortunate post man. The resulting PF was then tucked away by Matt Lea. Soon after Canterbury won their 3rd PC of the game and the Sevenoaks GK decided that it was going near post and took 1 steps towards it. Matt Lea then took the gift and put it far post for 3-0 and that’s how it stayed till half time. During the half time team talk Hammo had explained how the next goal was critical and we should score it however a partially hung over Shane forgot he was playing a defensive role (Hammo made this point t repeatedly through the game) and where his pass to the forward would normally create a goal for Canterbury, this time Sevenoaks benefitted. Canterbury then hit straight back with a well taken finish from Chris Podd at full stretch for a diving backhand deflection. Shane then felt this was unfair and gave Sevenoaks another opportunity to score which they took before Ashers ensured our cushion remained in tact at 5-2. Shane then played higher up the pitch, Max Messenger continued to play out of his skin without realizing it, Nathan continued to have a really strong debut and Matt Lea and Poddy added another couple of goals making the final score 7-2. Indeed it could have been more and Hammo could of had “14 assists” if Poddy had remembered his shooting stick or indeed not tried multiple lobs of the GK when 1 vs 1 resulting in little more than a hit out for Sevenoaks and a rather painful winding from his own stick for Poddy…. Anyway 1 game closer to winning the league and back to Polo next weekend!