Squires vs Folkestone 6’s (Away) | 29 Feb 20

Won 1 – 2

Scorers: Adam Watkins – Olly Curtiss

A fairly typical weekend for the Squires – the wind was howling, the rain threatening, a stable side (with the welcome return of John from warmer places!), it was cold and we had to go one down to really wake up and show the opposition what we can do.
At half time with the score board 0 – 0 there was a sense of belief we could take all three points from this one; shortly after half time this hope was dashed a little. The defence of John, Graeme, James and David has consistently dealt with all attacks by the young Folkestone side and had dealt with the short corner sufficiently well until one of the older heads on the opposition cracked the ball into the goal with a cricket shot worthy of the summer months. David in goal had another commanding week dealing with all thrown at him but left with no chance for the goal against. At last this seemed to wake everyone up as we realised we actually had to score to win! The midfield of Richard, Jo, James and David, who had pushed up to allow William into the back four where he looks reassured and effective were now hungry for the ball and with it wanted to push on further up the pitch. Olly and Robin (who both had another really good game) were able to become more involved and start to create opportunities. It wasn’t long before a attack into the D pushed the ball towards the waiting skipper who on the reverse stick swept it past the oncoming keeper. At 1 – 1 there were five minutes where everyone seems content with a draw……….with a bit of a ‘G’ up and rallying cry (in particular from David back in the goal) the team then started to push for the winner. It was not long in coming and with the skipper taken out at the ankles he was able to push the ball to the on-coming Olly who simply passed the ball over the line.
As is now common we then spent the last 10 minutes of the game defending hard and causing all a little more worry than the general control and superiority in the game should have deserved.
3 points in the bag with now only 2 league games to go and with it the ‘maybe’ of finishing in mid-table but with the likelihood of the same Open Division 1 league next year. Tough opposition next week but with the comfort of playing at Polo where our results have generally been better.

Squad: David Kiernan – Graeme Kemsley – John Maylam – David Smith – James Cox – Adam Watkins – Jo Miles – James Curtiss – Olly Curtiss – William Adams – Robin Cox – Richard Navarro-Pollott