Friars vs Old Bordenian 5s (Away) | 22 Feb 20

Drew 1-1

Scorers: Nick Tan

MoM: Jamie Morris

DoD: Not awarded

Up to Sittingbourne for a late slot against second in the league Old Bordenian 5s.
Dono, our iconic keeper was back from heroic national duties putting some spine into the whole team. Indeed this was probably one of the best performances of the season in terms of teamwork, grit, and work rate.
Nowhere was the grit exemplified than in Neil Birch, who after 10 minutes received a fiercely struck ball on his thumb. His one expletive expended he left the field yelling for ice and yet more ice. It looked broken said Biggles replacing him and from his own bitter experience nodding sagely. But Birchy heroically was back on after half-time. Not until Monday was he forced to go to a drop in centre where he was diagnosed as broken – or at least his thumb was – see pic.

The defence dug in with a “thou shalt not pass” attitude with some amazing saves from Paul Donovan in goal.
Not to be outdone the midfeild and forwards scarpped for everything and from a breakout in our D the defence sent new Friars debutante – young 13 year old Riley Holness (having soon found his adult hockey feet) drew the keeper and unselfishlessly passed to the unmarked Nick Tan who slotted home and so the score and we went into half time 1-0 up.

And so the scoreline stayed until deep into the second half when OBs from a hotly disputed PC scrappily scored. This galvanised the forwards into yet more attacks and despite some near misses could not hit the backboard.

However the whole team played well and notable performances and shifts were put in from Dono in goal, the redoubtable Nick SK and Geoff in defence with Brian Hurlow as skipper, Man of the Match Jamie Morris and John Ratcliffe in midfield. Even Hayward played reasonably for once up front along with young Tom Tan and Riley.

There is always a lot of vocal in these games and so and OBs having beaten us 4-0 at Polo were hoping one suspects to have an easy win again but it was not to be and our point felt like 3!
All ably managed by Jonesy who as he had had two England over 75 practice games this week didn’t want to test his temple of a body out too much.

Squad: Paul Donovan (GK), Tony Jones , Brian Hurlow (C), Geordie Hayward, Chris Ward, Neil Birch, John Ratcliffe, Thomas Tan, Dr Nick Tan, Geoff Philpott,, Nick Scott-Kilvert, Jamie Morris, Riley Holness, UMPIRES: Thank you to two very fair ones from Old Bordenians.