Griffins vs Sevenoaks (Away) | 08 Feb 20

Lost 5-1

Scorers: Ethan

I was initially quite thrilled to be asked to write this match report.
So thrilled was I that I wrote two hilarious jokes that were based on two obvious eventualities.
One was about yet another famous Griffs win, the other and I would have thought more of a certainty was based on Bricey getting carded.
Unfortunately or amazingly (depending how you look at things) neither of these ‘dead certs’ actually happened so instead, I offer you a match report, loosely based on real events. 1st half:
A rather depleted Griffs side faced a much (overall) senior ‘Oaks’ bunch who controlled the first 35 minutes and snuffed out any real chances of the younger Grifflets being able to use their skill, pace and fitness against the ‘oaks’ wrinklies.
The game just didn’t come to the Griffs. Passes went amiss or were intercepted and things were looking bleak pretty quickly.
It appears a good tactic to stop the ever impressive Sam Ericsson is to “accidentally” fall on top of him as he speeds past you in a blurr.
I’m pretty sure this attempt at squishing him contributed to him only playing for the first half
So, 35 minutes, 4 goals down and the spectators were left wishing that storm thingy came sooner rather than later.
In fact, the pair of them were increasingly resembling the two old scoats from the Muppets.

2nd half:
The sign of a good team is one who can recognize when it’s all going Pete Tong, change things about and try to put things right.
Failure to do this would normally result in the score line doubling and heads dropping.
However, the Griffs half time chat must have worked as they came out a different team.
The confidence and calm of the oldy ‘okies ‘was rocked by the determination and pace of the Griffs.
Andy Ericsson started to run without holding his back at the same time. Bricey managed to settle the defence (in a non cardy way) and at one point even Les managed to make a successful pass!
Toby got a real grip in the mid field area that ended up with a well timed run along the base line and a deft pass to Ethan who knocked it past the ‘Oaks’ keeper with ease.
The second half ended 1 goal each but what was impressive was how the Griffs as a team turned things around and put right what was going wrong.
I’m sure that the home game on the show pitch next week will see normal Griffs Griffs service resumed and if I’m allowed to write the report, I’ll be able to use my two hilarious jokes!

Lee Rowney.