Friars vs K Sports Cobdown 3s (Away) | 01 Feb 20

Lost 2-6

Scorers: Nick Tan, John Ratcliffe

MoM: Jude Mardon

DoD: Not awarded

No Smiles (and No Manager) Today

Within 5 minutes we were 2 goals down and as they say it was going to be a tough day at the office and with a car honking with happiness (true) every time the home team scored.. However we plugged away and were 5-1 down by half-time…. Progress of sorts as we had slowed their scoring rate down. There was very little up front for the goalie to be interested in – it was all back to the wall defence who coped as well as they could.
Some consolation on the half time whistle with John Aikin slipping a ball at a short corner to Nick Tan to slot in on the post. Jude Mardon, the young keeper had a very active afternoon pulling off some excellent saves in the barrage of shots (see pic) he faced which stopped the car wearing his battery out honking.

After half time and playing downhill we managed to scrape a “draw” with another identikit score at a short corner with John Ratcliffe scoring this time and only deep in the second half did K Sports score their 6th. They got a little complacent and we got a little better. To sum up we were outclassed and didn’t pass the ball very well against a team who shall we say had some new recruits in from the team we beat at Polo 4-2 before Christmas.

Onwards and upwards to next Saturday when our skipper, Tony Jones will be celebrating his 77th birthday… there’s hope yet for a lot of us!

Squad: SQUAD: Jude Mardon (GK), Tony JOnes, (C), Brian Hurlow, John Aikin, Geordie Hayward, Chris Ward, John Ratcliffe, Dr Nick Tan, Kevin Goulden, Jamie Harris, Neil Birch, Pete Bowell, UMPIRES: Thank you to two from K Sports