Griffins vs Burnt Ash 4s (Away) | 01 Feb 20

Won 4-2

Scorers: Ethan Aitken, Ashley Hooker, Toby Rowney 2

MoM: Eddy Rowney


This weeks report is mixture of true facts and a lot of fiction, owing to the correspondent not having a clue about the game as they were 50 miles away and have had no details! Facts:
The Griffins won again, 4-2, which keeps them safely in the top half of the table. The skipper did not play, still crippled.
There were fewer Grifflets than usual as they were saving themselves for more important things. If you want to get somewhere fast, go with Bricey.
It was a beautiful summers day and the Griffins ventured upto Sidcup for a late afternoon game against Burnt Ash 4s. With Mr Sharp in charge, with strict instructions to keep MJ away from the forward line, the Griffins started slowly, missing those youngsters. With much positive encouragement from MJ, if little help, they took control and continued to build on their winning formula of the past few weeks, keep the ball, pressure the opposition when they have and let the pace up front do the damage ( one issue with that this week was the presence of Mr Stevens who is nearly as crippled as the skipper). Your reporter now guesses that Ethan scored after dispossessing the defender and beating the keeper. No doubt Burnt Ash came back hard at the Griffins but then neat work in midfield saw the ball moved to Toby who scored. 2-0 at half time (?).
The second half was end to end to with Eddy pulling off a number of fine saves but eventually Burnt Ash scored not once but twice to draw level. This only spurred the Griffins on with Ash scoring from a thunderbolt of a short corner and Toby picking up his second to make the final score 4-2.
Next week is is the Super Social Saturday however no one has told our opposition as we are on the road again this time at Sevenoaks for an un-social 4.30 start (they are obviously worried by the vocal Polo home support and are trying to keep as many Canterbury supporters away from Polo. Hopefully next weeks report might ring truer, depends if anyone who played wants to put pen to paper!

Squad: Eddy Rowney, Les Gurubatham, Dave Sharp, Harry Halle-Smith, MJ, Matt Swaffer, Arran Brice, Ashley Hooker, Sid Chignal, Ethan Aitken, Toby Rowney, Will Stevens