Friars vs Old Williamsons 5s (Home) | 25 Jan 20

Won 3-2

Scorers: John Aikin (3)

MoM: Pete Ratcliffe

DoD: Pete Bowell – for chat and his short corner insertion

Friars Manager ONLY smiles when when a player gets a hatrick

Quite a game.
The first part of the game showed 2 equally matched teams tussling for superiority with (missed) opportunities at both ends. A somewhat depleted normal Friars defence were better than last week with Paul Dono dominant in goal and Pete Ratcliffe in fine form at centre back. Dono’s calling was pin point decisive and loud which meant the Friars did not need to turn up the volume up but dispense with their hearing aids entirely – brilliant!
At half time after a goal from John Aikin preceded by good work from Pete Ratcliffe and Paul Batchelor the game was nicely balanced though there had been some poor stick tackles eliciting, rightly, a warning from the umpires.
After half time and Manager Ron (Phil) Dowling’s chat (see official pic below of the Leg end photo credit: Claire Gent) again no daylight between the teams until John Aikin after most of the forwards being involved, scored to make it a somewhat safe 2-0. However Old Willies came back strongly and with a green card handed out to Dr Tan for a poor tackle who departed with a wry grin on his face – the fall guy! There was then a deserved warning to Pete Bowell for chat-back to the Old Willies umpire – he was very lucky not to have a yellow card – the Friars goal was put under pressure from several short corners but survived. Young 13 year old Tom Tan played an excellent game and is growing with confidence after each game (now 4) as he dips his toe into adult hockey – his energy levels hugely up on last week. But it was Pete Ratcliffe – Ratty Junior – who won the MoM for his constant running and effective tackling with Ratty Senior scurrying along not far behind as a MoM candidate. So a deserved though somewhat flattering score line as John Aikin junior (50+!) snitched a third and his hatrick whilst John Aikin senior looked on approvingly from the stands and Tony Who absent as he was playing in The New Ash Players Panto Dick Whittington. Thanks to Big Ron for his managing and The Mike Green (Deputy Manager) turned up in the bunker too to catch some reflected glory (as he does) for subbing off the right wing (Hayward) at the right time to see an instant improvement.

Squad: SQUAD: Paul Donovan (GK), Brian Hurlow (C) John Aikin, Geordie Hayward, Chris Ward, John Ratcliffe, Thomas Tan, Dr Nick Tan, Kevin Goulden, Mike Barton, Pete Bowell, Pete Ratcliffe, Paul Batchelor

UMPIRES: Thank you to Alfie Tedder from the 4s and Neil Thompson The Old Williamsonians Chairman