Friars vs Sevenoaks 8 (Away) | 18 Jan 20

Lost 1-2

Scorers: Tony Jones

MoM: Paul Donovan and John Ratcliffe

DoD: John Ratcliffe for lack of knowledge of Hockey Rules

A disappointing game that the Friars lost. However whilst no effort was spared technical ill discipline over not being 5 metres from a free hit and poor stick tackles counted dearly, being penalised by short corners that eventually resulted in a goal. As ever a lack of decisive goal scoring power didn’t help albeit there was a Friars equaliser from Tony Jones – always in the right place – that trickled limply over the line leaving the score 1-1 at half-time.
There were some bright moments generally of a defensive nature with Paul Donovan pulling off one of the saves of the season and John Ratcliffe forever harrying the opposition.
There must have been upwards of 15 Sevenoaks short corners so them scoring 2 goals only was indicative of the Friars defence and in particular Paul Donovan in goal was outstanding.
However relentless pressure from Sevenoaks eventually got them the winner. There were some bright moments with Birchy, always exhorting the troops and his colourful Northern language which apparently shocked the sensitive souls of mid Kent though your writer never heard a thing. John Ratcliffe took a blow at a short corner but he’s a tought rat and soldiered on.

And that was about it. It’s that time of year and Jonesy is off for his panto season with The New Ash Players. You can only get tickets for Saturday and Sunday on the black market, (which thrives in Ash) so hurry along for Thursday and Friday. Jonesy, after being Widow Twanky, Tom Thumb, the Nasty Sheriff in past years is the little Dick in Dick Whittington this year – oh No he isn’t….so the vice skipper is in charge this upcoming Sunday

Squad: SQUAD: Paul Donovan (GK), Tony Jones (C), Brian Hurlow, John Aikin, Geordie Hayward, Geoff Philpott, Chris Ward, John Ratcliffe, Paul Lee, Tom Tan, Dr Nick Tan, Kevin Goulden, Pete Bowell. UMPIRES: Two excellent umpires from Sevenoaks – thank you.