3rd XI vs Folkestone (Home) | 04 Jan 20

Drew 6-6

Scorers: Matt Lea x2, Rich Sabin, Max Messenger, Chris Ashenden & Morten Pederson

Travelling to Folkestone to shake off the Christmas break suddenly became a whole lot tougher when we realised we’d be playing a large part of their 1 team squad due to their game being cancelled. That said we want a test before we resumed the league and that is what we got.
Canterbury started the quicker and were 1-0 up fairly quickly and also created a couple more good chances that unfortunately weren’t taken. The score then bounced about 1-1, 1-2, 2-2 , 3-2, 3-3 before Folkestone made the most of opportunities presented to them finding themselves 6-3 up with 8 mins to go. Canterbury rather than roll over and accept it, dug in and continued to fight. A well earned PC resulted in Morts popping up for the 1st “Irish” of 2020 and then Matt Lea was on hand to deflect home a great cross from the left for 6-5. Canterbury kept pushing forwards and were awarded PC when a firmly struck shot hit a defender on the calf. Shane was desperate for the advantage as the ball had fallen to him in front of the goal but as the player was down in a heap in the D, the umpire stopped the game with 34 seconds remaining.
Folkestone changed their runners to cover the “Irish” so Matt Lea went straight from the top and found the net via one of the runners for a hard earnt 6-6.