2nd XI vs Horsham (Away) | 07 Dec 19

Won 4-1

Scorers: R. Keir, A. Dunn, O. Weston, T. Oberg

MoM: N. Buckingham

DoD: T. Oberg

The two hour drive and crash on the M20 was a good way to start the game day against Horsham. Horsham had the push back in the first half, but it wasn’t long until the pressure from the strikers and midfield ultimately resulted in Canterbury gaining possession of the ball early in the first half. A couple of counter attacks and corners later, RK stood up as head flicker and the captain, Dunny, showed the young guns the easiest way to score corners with a flick low towards the left post and a brilliant tap in from Dunny giving Canterbury their first goal of the game. A short while later Canterbury had won another corner, no assist from RK this time, as he decided to flick the ball to
the other side of the goal straight passed the keeper for Canterbury’s second goal. A good attack and shot on goal from Horsham and an ever better save from Nathan in goal then allowed Canterbury to have another counter attack which ultimately resulted in a brilliant tomahawk goal from Ollie Weston. The first half ended with Canterbury up 3-0. The second half was a lot quieter in the goal scoring area with only one goal being scored by Tom Oberg, although there were plenty of goal scoring opportunities with a couple of open goals being missed or saved by the Horsham keeper. Horsham did get one back towards the end of the game with a hit close to the base line sneaking in passed Nathan. Ultimately the game ended with Canterbury wining 4-1 which was a good send off to Tom Oberg who played his last game for Canterbury and a good way to enter the Christmas break.

Squad: 1. N. Redman

  1. W. Giltrow
  2. C. Lloyd Hughes
  3. A. Dunn
  4. R. Keir
  5. N. Buckingham
  6. T. Richford
  7. O. Weston
  8. J. Gooding
  9. T. Oberg
  10. Z. Williams
  11. J. Tritton
  12. C. Alder
  13. O. Ridge