Squires vs Holcombe 5’s (Home) | 30 Sep 19

Won 2 – 0

Scorers: Max Sherhod – Andrew Hurst

After a little bit of shuffling at the bottom of the club and to ensure players got decent pitch time the Squires lined up in a slightly different shape. With nothing wrong with our fight and will to win we agred to battle hard through the first half and keep the scoreline respectable. Second halves are always where the Squires come into their own and start to control games. Previously however we have been too far behind to secure a win. At half time, at nil – nil we believed we had a chance against a gritty Holcombe side.
Edward Lampard continues to settle into mens hockey with James Long, Nick Scott Kilvert and David Smith providing a solid back line. James Curtis settled into the midfield and helped control the build up of attacks but also manage the defence when needed. With James Cox providing his normal battling play we looked settled and just missed the final pass or touch to create chances.
After a number of short corners that resulted in nothing it was Max Sherhod who managed to squeeze his shot between the keeper and defenders sticks. Merv Lewis, Oliver Stovell and Max continued to run well and pull the defence from side to side. At one nil up and the hope of another home victory we settled, perhpas a little too far back and withstood 5 minutes of intense attacks. The game was finally settled when Andrew Hurst made a clean tackle just above our D and with Holcombe pressing was able to dribble the length of the pitch and whilst pushed hard to the left of the goal managed to convert a back-handed strike the looped over the oncoming keeper.
Another Holcome side next week to conclude the first half of the season with hope for another 3 points and a happier conclusion to the year than the last few games suggested.

Squad: David Kiernan – James Long – Edward Lampard – David Smith – Nick Scott-Kilvert – James Curtis – Adam Watkins – James Cox – Merv Lewis – Max Sherhod – Andrew Hurst – Rich Pollot – Oliver Stovell – Will Adams