2nd XI vs Blackheath and Elthamians (Away) | 30 Nov 19

Lost 2-1

Scorers: Andrew Dunn

MoM: Michael Farrer

DoD: Zak Williams

Travelling to face the opposite end of the table, the 2nd XI, with high expectations and a thrill of last week’s win, set off to Blackheath and Elthamians. A few KEY words from our fearless leaders (the more experienced side of the team) and a Football, sorry Soccer, based warm up, with some stick and ball to finish off, we then began the game.

With holding most of the possession in the first half and creating chances from the back, the 2nd XI persisted on pushing forward despite not slotting the ball away with the opportunities given. As Elthamians also created their own chances, they seemed no match for our 8ft tall, Northern brick wall. With all heads still firmly in the game and motivation high, the morale of sticking it “deep” came at no better time than the half time whistle, with a short corner to Canterbury. With all players up, it took none other than a low flick to the corner to find the stick of the skipper, who had the key to finally unlock and break the deadlock.

Into the second half, after enduring blistering winds and certain people in different positions – “ I’m talking missionary, the one where she’s on top and I’m on the bottom, missionary” – Elthamians came out with a different attitude towards the game, and still despite Canterbury creating chances, they had occurred no end result. The opposition managed to hack away at our Northern brick wall to end the game 2-1.

Onto the last game of the season, to begin festivities. Moral of the Saturday: stick it deep and don’t lose your car keys.

MOM – Michael Farrer

DOD – Zak Williams (by default- can’t down a pint of squash)

Squad: Squad: 1. N. Redman 2. C. Laslett 3. C. Lloyd Hughes 4. A. Dunn 5. M. Farrer 6. N. Buckingham 7. T. Richford8. C. Alder 9. T. Oberg 10. J. Gooding 11. Z. Williams 13. O. Weston