1st XI vs Brighton And Hove HC (Away) | 24 Nov 19

Won 4-3

Scorers: Lee-Browne x2, Degiovanni, Bean

The boys travelled down to a grey and dull Brighton following a narrow 2-1 loss to Bath last week and not a win since the second game of the season. However, there was a slight buzz around camp as we knew what was needed to take the W that afternoon.
However, that buzz was short and sweet as we conceded within the first 30 seconds from pushback. The shock was real and we realised we had to flick the switch to get back at them straight away. A period of sharp and intense play led to Callum Brown-Lea miss-trapping a “one time ball” to Adam Lee-Browne, who one on one with the keeper slid and chipped the ball with finesse into the bottom corner over the keeper. With spirits back up both teams were playing good hockey, and eventually Louis Ridge drove the baseline well pulling to back to Malta Degiovanni who slapped it into the keeper, subsequently hitting his glove and rolling into the bottom right corner. 2-1 to the boys at half time.
As the rain began to fall in the second half, the quality of play remained high within the Canterbury side. However, a quick penalty from Brighton led to a slick deflection past the Canterbury defence , leaving the score 2-2. Both sides with opportunity, a PC for Canterbury hit their player on the foot resulting in a penalty flick – Beano was quick to equalise well. 3-2 to the boys. Ridge entered the D on the right side and a deflection from Brown-Lea off the keeper left the ball open for Lee-Browne to half volley into the bottom corner. 4-2 to the boys. With little time remaining Matt Carney became fatigued and confused as he scored an own goal, leaving it with 1 goal in it. However, the final whistle blew leaving the lads with the long lost 4-3 W.

Adam Lee-Browne x

Squad: Cade Banditt 1 , James Henderson 3 , Tom Bean 4 , Toby Vaughan 5 , Patrick Brookson 6 , Thomas Degiovanni 7 , Lewis Fossey 8 , Max Shilling 9 , Matthew Carney 10 , Ames Bell 11 , Louis Ridge 12 , Conor Annand 13 , Callum Brown-Lea 14 , Adam Lee-Browne 16