Griffins vs Burnt Ash 5 (Away) | 16 Nov 19

Won 3-1

Scorers: Ashley Hooker, Guy Dowling and Josh Kitson

MoM: Dave Sharp

DoD: Officer Dibble

We headed off to the delights of Dartford to face Burnt Ash 5 with a fair degree of confidence given their lowly league position and our decent run. We were however rather light on numbers and must thank Paul and Toby for helping us up to 12 players.

Unusually for the Griffins we arrived at the venue 50 minutes in advance of the start with the A2 being remarkably clear of traffic on a busy Saturday aside from some clown who nearly side swiped us into the central reservation. Our timing continued to be spot on with a pre-match warm-up (exercise not beer) then straight onto the pitch for more warm-ups this time with hockey balls and into the game. We were on fire from the first whistle and dominated the first 20 minutes or so, calmly winning the ball from Burnt Ash when they had it and playing some lovely passing stuff of our own to open up several opportunities. Our first goal came from Ashley from a worked short corner routine with a sweet shot at goal that deflected into the roof of the net. Then not to be outdone by Uncle Fester’s goal scoring heroics of last week Guy strode across the pitch from left to right with great authority, just made it into the right side of the D and calmly slotted a nice shot past the flat footed home keeper. Then came a great team goal involving some lovely interchanges between several players before Josh finished it off from close range.

Three nil and looking really good, nice passing, dogged defence and some amazing fiddly diddly stuff (Dibble speak for 3D skills) from the lads. Then it went a little wrong as Dibble transgressed and despite some confusion between the two Burnt Ash umpires he got a 10 minute sit down and during this time Burnt Ash capitalised by scoring when a short corner was saved but the ball dropped for their attacker to flick home. Another green card followed this time for a slightly late tackle as the umpire at the bottom end felt it important to show his authority (a theme for the second half). So 3-1 up at half time.

In the second half Burnt Ash came more into the game as an attacking force and many short corners (easily into double figures) which our defence managed to repel. They also had more territory than the first half but we created a number of chances and had a flurry of short corners ourselves unfortunately not converting any. We did get a goal from young Josh but bizarrely the umpires seemed to think he was outside the D despite being inside by 2-3 feet. We ran out 3-1 winners and are up to the dizzy heights of third in the division. MoM was a very close one but just edged by Dave for some cracking defending.

There is a rumour that our Captain will be fit again to play this Saturday as we take on Ashford at 1pm, you’ll also be pleased to know that Uncle Fester is not on pantomime duty and should also be there – oh no he won’t I hear you say – oh yes he will!

Squad: Eddie Rowney, Dave Sharp, Herman Vaughan, Charlie Jain, Sam Ericsson, Ashley Hooker, Guy Dowling, Ethan Aitken, Josh Kitson, Matt Swaffer, Paul Sharratt and Toby Rowney.