5th XI vs Blackheath (Away) | 19 Oct 19

Lost 5-3

Dickens would have phrased it thus… “It was the best of halves… it was the worst of halves”…. and that was our game of two halves! To be (3-0 up in the first half) or not to be (the winners as we succumbed to a change of tactics without altering course) that wasn’t really the question! … but rather the analysis after the fact.

Paino (who actually admitted to enjoying all the action, though not conceding any of the goals) hit the nail on the head… we had no outlet in the second half as a result of a high press. Despite his heroics in goal, this ultimately led to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. We couldn’t get the back out of our half and mistakes occurred in the face of pressure.

There were some bright moments, particularly in the first half, where we moved the ball wide, effectively and quickly. We showed we knew how to score with some success from short corners. But even then, they had more possession, but didn’t use it as well.

Looking forward, we need to maintain our passing consistency throughout the game and recognise tactical changes and respond accordingly. (Someone sends the skipper on a course!!!)