Griffins vs Sutton Valence (Away) | 12 Oct 19

Won 2-3

Scorers: Sam Ericsson, Toby Rowney, Ethan Aitken

MoM: Toby ‘From There’ Rowney

DoD: Les ‘Not From There Toby’ Gurubantham

An early start for this away game at Sutton Valence. It was raining. We had to park in the village hall. We were late. These issues all influenced the first half of the first half in which we were a bit sluggish. Missed passes, a bit lackadaisical and just a bit second best. SV took full advantage scoring from two short corners – a straight strike and a slip. One short corner saw two Griffs rightfully sent to the halfway line. A remarkable site! But this shook us into action and we scored the next crucial goal, Sam running in a good advantage after showing some quality moves (like Jagger).

The half time team talk focused on waking up a bit and playing simple hockey more effectively. And that we were lions and they were injured lambs in the Serengeti. Or something. Bonkers – but effective!

An improved second half saw more pressure and dynamicism – Harry & the back line looking solid, the midfield showing more control. This lead to an equaliser from Toby on the reverse from a narrow angle. Eddie make some good saves at 2-1 & 2-2 to keep us in it, and then they scored an own goal that was deemed to be from outside the circle – but the pressure was mounting, the lions were circling.

Ethan secured the win after some good forward play on the counter. The ball fell to Toby and Les shouted ‘not from there Tobes!’ who hit from there…badly. A shot that fell perfectly for Ethan to lift in on the reverse. Brilliant. Boom!

Mark, Ash, Dave & Kaiser Will expertly saw the game out from there.

Manager of the match: Andy Ericsson. Obvs

Umpire of the match: Lee!

Sandwich of the post match tea: N/a. Sad times!

Squad: Eddie ‘Wall’ Rowney, Harry ’Chill’ Halle-Smith, Les ‘Not From There’ Gurubantham, Dave ’Right Team’ Sharp, Aaron ‘Baby Driver’ Brice, Ash ‘One Hand’ Hooker, Mark ‘5 On It’ Lister, Toby ‘From There’ Rowney, Will ’Kaiser’ Ainsworth, Sam ’Moves Like Jagger’ Ericsson, Ethan ‘Overhead / Underhand – Its All The Same To Me’ Aitken, ‘Big’ Will Stevens, MJ ’Lion King’ Southam. Tony ‘Back Brace’ Panayides – did not play.