Griffins vs Herne Bay 3 (Away) | 28 Sep 19

Drew 2-2

Scorers: Ashley Hooker, Sam Ericsson

The Griffins opened their first league match against local rivals Herne Bay 3rds, who at the end of last season had given them a bit of a lesson. However this years Griffins boasts a new brood of Grifflets and older Griffins and hoped to give their rivals a much closer game. For the first ten minutes the Griffins struggled to get into the game as they got to know each others style of play but having said that Herne Bay were not really putting the Griffins under any real pressure as they too were getting over the early season rustiness. As the match progressed it became a very even contest with H’Bay probably just shading it on the possession front and with ten minutes of the half remaining took a fortuitous lead when a long ball from their own half evaded both sets of midfields and their lone forward in the D managed to get the faintest of touches to it on its way into the goal.
One of the over riding plus points of last season was the never say die attitude of the Griffins and after a half time chat extolling the benefits of keeping the ball, quicker movement and passing, they came out much the faster and stronger and began to play in the opposition half which resulted in the first short corner. Again last year this was a bit of an Achillies heel last season but this season the results were different; Andy’s first strike resulted in a second corner when it struck a Bay foot and from this second one a well worked switch saw Ashley flick the ball into the far top corner to tie the scores. Bay were now struggling to keep up with the pace and fitness of the Grifflets with James, Leo and Sam all causing them problems but they came back to win a series of their own short corners one of which resulted in Dave Sharp being caught using his feet to prevent the goal and so a stroke was awarded which was then converted. Again the Griffins came back showing their never say die attitude and a cross from Leo was neatly deflected over the keeper by Sam to tie the scores once more. The score remained 2-2, a fair result on the game.
Thanks to Matt for umpiring and for our travelling supporters (parent taxi services). Next week is a big game against very local rivals the 5s, last season saw two draws in the inter club matches, to be played on the show pitch at 4pm so get there early to claim the best seats.

Squad: Eddy Rowney, Dave Sharp, Graham Vaughn, Will Ainsworth, Harry Halle-Smith, Andy Ericsson, Leo Norwood, Ashley Hooker, Sam Ericsson, Tony Panayides, James Parker, Ethan Aitken