Griffins vs Canterbury 5s (Home) | 05 Oct 19

Drew 2-2

Scorers: Ethan Aitken x2

MoM: Ethan Aitken

DoD: Dave Sharp (for playing for the ‘wrong’ team!)

  1. Read the 5s report! Which I am sure is magnificent.

  2. Know that the end of time, people will remember three things: 1. The discovery of fire. 2. The invention of the submarine. 3. This absolute ding ding of a highlight reel filled contest between the 5s & Griffs at Polo Farm.

That’s three matches in a row between us that have been draws – fine, fine margins!

A fabulous game, end to end stuff, in which the Griffs led through Ethan’s flick, awarded after a shot deflected onto the bar & line off a defender. The build up play from the Griffs auxiliary attacker was glorious (Ed: who was that then? no comment from the author)

The 5s equaliser was unbelievable – a 40 yard run from Lewis B. He may still be running!

The Griffs retook the lead from an Ethan ‘smash’ and a second half breakaway saw the 5s level it up – a draw was probably a fair reflection of the game. Les & G were solid at the back, Bricey was everywhere (Ed: is there two of him?), the youngsters were all magnificent again – the next time we’re at home, cancel whatever you’re doing and come and bask in their dynamic (but controlled) exuberance! The squad looks in great shape for the season.

Big shout out to Andy for some expert management & Eddie for keeping us in the game with some great saves! Well done 5s on game played in great spirit.

Tony Panayides did not play.

Squad: Eddie Rowney

Harry Halle-Smith
Graham Vaughan
Matt Swaffer
Les Gurubantham
Charlie Jain
Ashley Hooker
Sam Ericsson
Ethan Aitken
Leo Norwood
MJ Southam
Aaron Brice
James Packard
Henry McCullock

Andy Ericsson