Friars vs Sevenoaks 8s (Home) | 05 Oct 19

Lost 0-1

MoM: Nick Scott-Kilvert

DoD: Pete Bowell

First league opener for the Friars and a frustrating affair it was. What should really have been 3 points turned into zero – nul points in Eurovision speak. In the first half the home team played not too badly stringing some rare moves together and even managing to get a Pete Bowell “goal” which was somewhat controversially disallowed. Putting this behind us, in the well-known Friars Corinthian spirit and more especially with the beacon of that spirit – Mr Mike Green (aka Lord Lucan) present on the pitch also, we went into half time at 0-0 but still hopeful. After the break we then went downhill. Sevenoaks who had 2 shots on goal in the whole game then scored from one whilst the Friars probably had at least 15 varied shots from short corners and other efforts without success. The effort for the most part was there with some notable shifts from Josh Kitson – again – Nick Scott-Kilvert now part of the Friars furniture (he was heard saying he much enjoyed playing for us and this after we had lost!) There were other beacons of hope for the future – James Curtis held the centre unit together and his presence certainly stiffens Friars sinews and gives us strength in midfield. Nick S-K is proving a real find for our defence. Pete Bowell is quite effective though we are never quite sure what position he plays and he should not argue with umpires ! Hayward blew 2 chances at goal but is reasonably fit still and chases around until he runs out of breath. Young Josh, though playing only his second senior match, never gave up and again has the legs that most Friars used to have. Neil Birch who apparently was missed off the match report last week (mainly because your correspondent was deaf at that time – sic) was back to his full throated Northern Roar and will inspire us onto to further Churchillian deeds. But All need to work on their short corner routines ! Hope springs eternal so onto next week and Old Willies beckon us with a graveyard slot which messes up viewing Strictly Come Dancing – a definite plus for most!

Squad: SQUAD: Eddie Rowney (GK), Tony Jones (C), Geordie Hayward, Nick Tan, John Aikin, Brian Hurlow, James Curtis, Josh Kitson, Nick Scott-Kilvert, Mike Green, Neil Birch, Pete Bowell UMPIRES: Phil Sandy, Sam